Ripatransone and the narrowest alley of Italy

Have you ever crossed the narrowest alley in Italy? Probably you have never been in Ripatransone (AP).

What to see in Ripatransone

The narrowest alley of Italy – Ripatransone

Ripatransone is a small but famous village not far from San Benedetto del Tronto. After Ascoli Piceno is the second most important center of the province. It ‘also known as the “Belvedere del Piceno” and beautiful scenery that can be seen all around.

Known for its wealth of historical and religious elements, to visit in Ripatransone mention it: the Church of St. Gregory the Great and St. Margaret, churches urban and suburban important historical and artistic heritage, the town halls and numerous palaces, and finally, the two theaters.

The narrowest alley Italy

This village is also known for his particular alley that has earned the title of “narrowest alley in Italy.” And ‘possible way You is located in the historical center of Ripatransone, near Piazza XX Settembre. Length of 10 meters at its narrowest point measures only 38 cm wide.

And ‘possible to receive the certificate of “Crossing the narrowest alley in Italy” by inquiring at the tourist office in the area.